Long distance

A relationship works well with some space
Space does not mean Your love is less
Space between two people is necessary
Love works in mysterious ways
Bieng apart does bring you closer,
Makes You apreciate them,
you know how it feels when theyr not in your life
The cons of love is
Yes you do get angry
You do get lonely
You do sometimes need space
Love is not some magical thing
Its love its simple its not hard
The only thing you need to make sure your relationship has is respect and care bec thats all love is
And if you have that dont ever let go because thats hard to find these days …


What is romance ?
What is the correct defination ?
Romance for me is the little Gestures,picking up your patner when they are at thier lowest,sayung or doing something that would just turn it all around.

Anybody remember that high you use to get in a begining of a relationship ?
It seemed magical,almost unreal
Everytime you meet ,talk, anything really use to get you high
On that person
I love that feeling makes you feel alive
As time passes by a long term relation it feels as if romance was just a phase
It did not exsist anymore
Everything else but you seem real
Everything else but you seemd imp
Everything else but you was worth it
Why does that happend ?

In time does love fade?

Bieng Desi

I know its hard !!!
But the Families are great …
The family around your family is not so great (All desi would get this)
Bieng a desi girl …is actually bieng an everythinggirl
You have to
be carefull,be smart, be pretty, be helpfull,be sneeky, be honest …and so the list goes on
You have to be one of a kind while trying to be exactly the same as everyone

There are negatives and postives of bieng desi
Il post that later on readers
But the biggest positive point of bieng desi for me is the FOOD
And the biggest negative point is bieng THIN

whats yours biggest positive and negative point of bieng desi ?


everybody in this world knows love in different forms you have parents siblings relatives friends

& then you have that SPECIAL SOMEONE !!!

Everybody wants some one in their lives who makes them feel special

relationships are very tricky…it only works if its worked by both sides…you cannot keep taking and expect nothing back that’s not how it goes..& if you make it a one way thing,your better half works for a long time to make you feel good & special but eventually they get tierd

LOVE ..hmm love.. iloveyou, is it ever enough? think about it three words… would they stop you from going crazy ? yelling in anger ? would it stop you from walking away ?

At your worse…would you stop and turn around when they say i love you, would you stop & forget ?

would you ?

an other day

ever wonderd what happends when things dont go your way….?it hppends to me most of the times

eventually i get the things i wanted but never on time,i guess thats how things work…

so about me…avarage young girl in her twenties trying to figure out a pattern of life ,figuring out everything

trying to be an everything girl 🙂